Season 1

# Episode Original airdate Synopsis
1 "Life in the Big City" 01/23/11

Kourtney and Kim arrive in New York and Kourtney considers asking her boyfriend Scott to move into her hotel suite, much to Kim's dismay.

Guest Stars: Kanye West and Michael Copon

2 "Start Spreading the News" 01/30/11

Scott gets into a fight at New York's Juliet supper club with a man after his girlfriend started arguing with Kim, resulting in Kourtney not speaking to Scott in which she believes started the fight. Meanwhile, Khloè comes to New York to visit Kourtney and Kim.

Guest Stars: Khloe Kardashian Odom

3 "Sexy in the City" 02/13/11 Kourtney fears Kim is heading too fast toward love with her former bodyguard. Scott makes a pricy purchase that infuriates Kourtney.
4 "Diva Las Vegas" 02/20/11

Kim and Kourtney head to Las Vegas for a birthday and Kourtney forces her to do something wild before she turns 30. Meanwhile, Scott wonders if he can maintain his sobriety.

Guest Stars: Kris Jenner, Rob Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian Odom and Kelly Rowland

5 "Down and Out in New York City" 02/21/11 Kim is devastated to learn Shengo's visa is expiring and wonders if there's a way to keep her Aussie in the country. Meanwhile, Kourtney & Scott are struggling to find privacy.
6 "Dream a Little Dream" 03/06/11

Kim receives an unexpected offer to record a single with music superstar The Dream but her nerves force her to reconsider. Meanwhile Scott purchases a "Walking stick" (a cane) that annoys Kourtney.

Guest Stars: Ciara and The-Dream

7 "Straight Expectations" 03/13/11 Kourtney tries to prove to Kim that her new shopping buddy isn't who she thinks he is. Scott & Kourtney have an explosive argument leading them to question if they can live together.
8 "A Dash of Respect" 03/20/11

Khloe returns for the grand opening; Scott hires an assistant.

Guest Stars: Khloe Kardashian Odom and Kanye West

9 "In a New York Minute" 03/27/11

Kourtney gets the opportunity of a lifetime when she's offered a role on "One Life to Live". Kim must decide between attending Scott's work event or obeying her mother's commands.

Guest Stars: Kris Jenner and Adrienne Bailon

10 "One Last Dash" 04/03/11 Kim's torn about leaving The Big Apple and debates making a drastic cross country move. Kourtney & Scott celebrate their relationship with a night out & Scott considers popping the question!

Season 2

# Episode Original airdate Synopsis
1 "The Honeymoon is Over" 11/27/11 The second season begins with newlyweds Kim and Kris living with Kourtney and Scott, but things don't go exactly as planned. Kourtney and Scott continue to clash and Scott eventually goes to his friend, Jonathan Cheban, to get some space. Kris also acts up during an event with Kim because it interferes with his training schedule. Kris also struggles dealing with Kourtney and Mason, as well as living with Kim. After he walks in on Kourtney, Kim and some friends taking a naked yoga class inside their apartment, Kris gets furious at Kim. He then decides to go to Minnesota and train in his element.
2 "Go Get Your Man" 12/04/11 Khloe visits the city to help Kim and Kourtney deal with their man problems. She sends Kim to Minnesota to persuade Kris to come back to New York, but she lashes out at Khloe over waking her up an hour earlier than she should have and ends up hurting Khloe's feelings. Kourtney, Khloe and Mason go to Scott's parents' house in the Hamptons, where Kourtney continues to wreak havoc with her uber-cleanliness and she offends Scott's mother when she throws away vintage items. Kourtney and Scott eventually make up and Kris finally agrees to come back to New York with Kim after she continuously nags him to compromise.

Guest Stars: Khloe Kardashian Odom